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How strong IT systems can advance your business strategies

Slow, unreliable, fragile, outdated, and insecure IT systems could be holding your business back.  

Are you missing important emails, misplacing sensitive documents, or jeopardising your shot at profitability because your IT system isn’t performing as it should?

If your IT systems fail, you’re risking time, money and your reputation.

At Gravity IT we believe 80% of all IT issues can be avoided.

Your IT system should be a reliable asset that allows your business to grow and be efficient, for both internal and external stakeholders.   

Say goodbye to a patched together system that causes you unnecessary stress and embrace the peace of mind that comes when you have a strong IT system in place. 

What does a strong IT system look like?

A robust IT set up can mean many things for different businesses. You may already have a strong IT system, but not be utilising all its features to its full capacity. Or you could have an old system that worked for what you needed as a start-up, but isn’t equipped to handle the growth you’re currently experiencing. Both are risks factors for your business. 

To implement a strong IT system for your business you need to figure out your business goals.  

  • Do you want more efficient, accurate and time saving solutions? 
  • Do you need to protect your data and intellectual property? 
  • Do you want a better user experience for your staff, clients or both? 

It’s also worth considering the needs of your internal and external stakeholders.  

  • What do your employees need to execute their role? 
  • How can the administrative aspects of the business be easier and free from avoidable mistakes? 
  • What do your clients need to seamlessly interact and with your business? 

Finally, you need to do a stocktake of the current capacity and infrastructure in place.

Solid IT infrastructure is the key to achieving those business goals and the foundation for future growth.

  • If your system stopped working, do you have a back-up plan to get it working again? 
  • How do you secure and back-up your data? 
  • Is it supported by Microsoft Office and online security and storage platforms like iCloud? 
  • Is your data easily and readily accessible to the correct people within your business? 
  • Do you have security policies in place for clients and staff? 

A strong IT system should not be a source of pain and worry as a business owner. It should make your life easier by seamlessly running in the background, to streamline and automate the everyday tasks.  

Setting up your IT system for long-term growth 

Transitioning from a manual or broken IT system to an automated and reliable one can be time consuming and expensive. The number one solution is to avoid problems before they happen.

Prevention is better than a cure.   

How can you do this? By implementing an efficient IT system from the start. 

IT systems that are set up for growth include these four basic elements: 

  • Supportable 
  • Recoverable 
  • Visible 
  • Efficient 

The key to achieving all these elements is finding the right system that fits the unique aspects and complexities of your business.  

There’s such thing as an over engineered system, that has too many bells and whistles for what your business needs right now to succeed. As a small business owner, for example, you don’t need the same security features as a bank. Over-investing in the wrong tech infrastructure will have high ongoing costs. 

You need IT that’s fit for purpose and for growth. It needs to be well planned out and implemented with a strong and automated documentation system to follow it through.  

An IT provider that cares about the success of your business, not their wallets, will know that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to finding the right solution for your business.  

As passionate IT professionals we take a holistic approach by doing our due diligence in the research phase. We engage suppliers and providers for the different software and hardware packages you need to achieve your business goals.

How to connect with the right people who can help 

When Gravity IT first turned on its computers for service, we thought, ‘If we’re going to invest time in setting our IT systems up, let’s invest in a system that’ll grow with us over time.’ Now seven years later, we’re still using the systems we set up on day one. 

Businesses who don’t have the right tech to help them achieve their goals will stunt their growth and potential. 

Strong IT systems are more than a smooth-running tech set-up.

Good IT systems deliver efficient and attractive workplaces for employees, enjoyable and impressive experiences for clients, seamless and accurate interactions with suppliers and stakeholders AND a happy and relieved business owner. 

Don’t let avoidable IT issues hold your business back. Start the conversation about fortifying your business’ future through solid tech solutions today! 

We deal with the IT stress, so you can get back to work.

You should know, like and trust your IT team.

Since 2014, Glenn and his select team of IT experts have been working with small to medium businesses across Australia.

We take a multi-layered, proactive approach that means our clients avoid problems before they happen.

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