A 2018 report found that almost 70% of business people have experienced (or will experience) data loss due to accidental deletion, disk or system failure, viruses, fire or some other disaster.

There’s a simple solution: Backups.

Discover how to increase your business’s productivity, security and recoverability with Office 365 Backups.

At Gravity IT, we know the four pillars on which our clients build a strong foundation.


When your business isn’t productive, it’s not profitable. But a disaster costs you more than just money. We’re talking stress. Missed deadlines. Unhappy customers. Frustrated staff. Crisis mode. Damage control.


What data could you lose if your system is compromised? Intellectual property? Client data? Formulations? Your reputation? Projects? Maintaining security- and peace of mind- is crucial for any business owner.


Do you have a plan in place if your worst nightmare happens?
When were your backups last tested?
And how long will it take for you to recover from a disaster?
Have you considered the cost of recovery?
The truly frightening statistic is that 60% of companies that lose their data will shut down within 6 months of the disaster.


How responsive is your IT provider? How quickly do they respond when things go wrong? At Gravity IT, we are committed to providing excellent customer service and making sure our clients are back online as soon as humanly possible. We care about your business.

The good news

We can work with you to put a comprehensive back up plan in place to keep you online and productive. We perform regular testing as part of our back up service to make sure your system is secure and functioning as it should be.


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