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fabric rolls in a warehouse

Wax Converter Textiles manufacture industrial canvas and PVC fabrics at their factory in Rutherford.

They supply the mining industry, defence department and outdoor and camping supply industry with products ranging from combat uniform fabric, horse rugs, blind and awning material, tarps, tent fabric, artist canvas, waterproof outdoor wear and more.

Though the factory is based in Maitland, Wax Converters Textiles distributes widely throughout Australia. With sales reps and offices here and in Victoria, Perth, South Australia and Queensland, it was critical to have their information accessible to all staff, whatever their location.

Finance and IT Manager David Llewellyn explains the intricacies of the system.

‘We needed data in a central location and an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, that could show all the details about the stock on hand, accounting, sales and accounts payable. All our remote staff had to have access to that information and they needed email reports to stay up to date with what’s going on in the business’.

Wax Converter Textiles have been Gravity IT clients since 2014, but previously they worked with another IT support provider.

‘There were a lot of problems. Constant drop-outs. Any small hiccup would affect printing and it could take 10 minutes to print one page because there were bandwidth issues. We got sold an expensive internet line for $2500/month for and we didn’t have any local support’ said David.

‘Our opening hours are 7am – 3.30pm and we wanted our staff to be able to access IT help if and when they needed it at work’.

Wax Converters Textiles made the switch to Gravity IT just over 5 years ago and David says they haven’t looked back.

‘Other companies tend to come up with a one-size-fits-all model and push that on all their clients, whether or not it suits their needs. Glenn created something that was the best fit for us, and it is totally unique’.

Gravity IT designed and created a hybrid system on a local server specifically for Wax Converters Textiles. Their hard-drive server is on-site at the factory with Microsoft 365 cloud support. All remote staff have access to the system through their own computers, wherever they are.

With the system working well across the nation, Gravity IT also takes care of all back-ups, virus protection and monitoring. And they also got that dedicated internet line at a fraction of the price their previous provider was charging.

David says the change to Gravity IT has had a big impact.

‘We now have a more stable work environment, fewer user issues and we’ve saved money. We also have local support on hand if something can’t be fixed remotely’.

But the best part of all? Having a professional looking after your IT and proactively working to avoid any problems happening in the first place.

 ‘Gravity IT provide monthly reports and periodically visit to advise of potential issues. Gravity IT look after it all. They let you know what they need to do and they just get on with it’.

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