Email Filtering is another layer of protection that can stop all sorts of nasties from getting into your network.

Filtering can protect you from malware, other harmful or non-business related sites, pornography, even social networking sites like Facebook. (Hello, productivity!)

Stop people clicking on links that are nasty.

If you’re a Managed Services client of ours and using Office 365, we can easily add an Email Filter to your services plan. All you need to do is call us and we’ll switch it on and make it happen automatically. You’ll immediately notice a reduction in spam and other dodgy looking emails.

Not yet using Office 365??

No dramas. If you’re not on Office 365 and not one of our existing clients, give us a call and we’ll coach you through the process.

If you’re concerned that your email isn’t as protected as you might like, give us a call on 4915 7487 so we can book a time to meet with you.

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