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Visionary Advisors ensures data safety with Gravity IT

Visionary Advisors are experts in business and accounting advice in the Newcastle region.

They’re about more than just understanding the numbers, they help individuals and businesses grow and succeed.

When you deal with sensitive client information, data security and reliable systems are critical. For more than 6 years, Visionary Accounting have trusted Gravity IT to provide that trust-worthy IT support so they can consistently deliver quality services to their clients. 

“When we made the switch to Gravity IT, Glenn came into our office, reviewed at our IT setup and then went straight to work restructuring and streamlining our IT systems,” said Executive Assistant, Larissa Mould. 

“We haven’t looked back since.” 

Converting to the cloud makes working from home a breeze

Once Gravity IT set up Visionary Advisors’ IT system and equipped them with all the hardware and software they needed, it was time to transition their systems to the cloud. 

“This all happened before we went into lockdown,” Larissa said. 

“When our team began working from home everything, including our security, servers and backups, were all moved to the cloud. Even our Microsoft 365 suite was set up so our team could function effectively while working remotely.  

“Gravity also set us all up with micro-PCs to take home and helped us to completely connect our home offices. There was no downtime during our transition to the cloud or to working from home.” 

Experts at protecting sensitive information

As accountants, Visionary Advisors deal with a lot of confidential information and data which means identity theft is a real risk within the industry. 

“It’s imperative that we have top notch security to reassure our client’s that their details are safe with us.   

“We haven’t had a single security breach since working with Gravity IT.” 

For extra efficiency, Visionary Advisors liaise with their clients electronically. They can easily share electronic documents with their team, helping the whole business run successfully.   

“We wouldn’t be able to do it in such a seamless manner without the help of Glenn and his team.” 

Proactive & fast response time

Gravity IT is a team of IT experts who keep things running in the background so busy businesses like Visionary Advisors can deliver their expertise to their clientele.   

It doesn’t matter which member of the Gravity team deals with our case because over the years they’ve all helped us to resolve issues quickly and educated us along the way,” Larissa said. 

“When any of our staff send a support request via email the Gravity team are onto it almost immediately and make sure to follow up every time, checking in to see if the issue has been resolved.”  

“In all honesty,” Larissa admitted, “we rarely need to contact them because they do such a good job behind the scenes.” 

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