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3 ways to keep your tech cool during summer

As we’re approaching the 2021 finish line, we’re looking back on the marathon year and the heroes that have gotten us through – OUR COMPUTERS! 

Although we’re looking forward to switching them off during the holidays, almost every business owner can agree that we’d be lost without our squad of technological gadgets.  

From desktops to printers and the software that makes it all happen, they need all maintenance, even while their bosses are digging into their well-deserved Christmas dinner. 

So, how do you care for your business technology while you’re out of the office? 

This is your ultimate summer holiday checklist that’ll keep your tech gear in top-notch condition, ready for your return and another year of service. 

1. Back up your data 

In any business, the enemy is down-time and it’s often caused by faulty technology. When your system is down, work goes on hold and productivity comes to a standstill, costing you precious time, money and potentially your data! Imagine the pit falling out of your stomach as you walk back into the office after your summer holiday only to discover you’ve had a data crisis.  

Luckily, the situation is completely avoidable when you have a managed back up plan in place. Take the time and effort to back up your data NOW and enjoy that peace of mind over the holidays and year-round. 

 Talk to your local IT provider about setting up a comprehensive plan that mitigates any catastrophic data breaches. 

2. Prevent overheating

The Aussie summer heat can be a killer, especially for your computers and hardware!  

As a business owner, you need to ask yourself ‘Is it feasible to run the air-conditioner or fans while the office is closed?’  

Air-conditioning and external fans are the number one way to keep your computer cool. Cooling this way can be a costly exercise, depending on how long you’ll be out of the office. 

If air-conditioning your office isn’t a possibility, consider these alternatives: 

  • Ensure your equipment has good ventilation  

Clean or install a quality internal desktop fan.

  • Ensure the room has good air circulation. 

Keep your computer away from enclosed spaces and steer clear of walls, windows and placing any equipment directly on the floor.

  • Shut down and unplug all equipment.

In addition to heat, storms and electrical surges are a major risk to your tech equipment. One sure way to prevent expensive electrical damage is by unplugging equipment from the wall socket.  

3. Keep it clean

Dust is kryptonite for computers.   

One of the most common heat-related issues IT experts come across is caused by accumulated dust. When the air intake on your computer dust is clogged with dust, it prevents proper airflow which can cause overheating.  

If you’re short on time in the lead up to the festive season, the Gravity IT team are available to tackle the physical maintenance of your equipment. The way we see it, prevention is always better than cure. The added benefit is that cleaning and maintaining your technology equipment regularly extends the lifespan of your equipment.  

Set and forget  

When you outsource your IT services to Gravity IT, you’re working with experts that prioritise the health of your technology and gadgets. That means your business’ productivity, bottom line and reputation is protected 24/7. 

Don’t let your IT system hold you back this holiday season. We can help you implement a  proactive approach to your IT systems. Make this the summer you’ll be stress-free and confident, knowing that while you’re out of the office, everything will be taken care of and ready to start the new year off on the right foot.  

Call us today to get your IT summer ready – 4915 7487. 

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