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Cyber security risks: Is your business IT secure?

In today’s digital landscape, prioritising cyber security isn’t an option – it’s a necessity. We understand that the impact of a cyber attack can be devastating for a business. Our goal is to help you identify and mitigate risks so you can avoid malicious opportunists who are looking to take advantage.

The sad fact is: 90% of cyber security breaches are due to human error.

People click on a dodgy link in an email and open their computers up to ransomware, malware and all sorts of terrible things can happen. Ransomware, phishing, malware and identity theft are all possible threats.

The impact is REAL (This could happen to YOU).


  • None of your staff can work
  • Deadlines blow out
  • Your customers are unhappy and frustrated
  • You lose data
  • It takes hours and hours of rework to input information (if you can find it)
  • You replay the ‘If only I’d done something earlier’ scenario endlessly in your mind
  • Feeling sick to your stomach because of the stress

Download the IT Audit Checklist.

Rate your current cyber security level to see how safe your business data is. When it comes to cyber security, prevention is the best cure. Take action to secure your business today. 

IT Audit Checklist

Cyber Security Services

Essential Eight Audits & Compliance




Cyber security is a journey.

Proactive cyber security measures are good for business. It’s important to take the first steps, and there’s always further you can go.

Protect your reputation
Avoid painful downtime
Build trust with clients
Save money by preventing breaches
Comply with industry standards & requirements

You should know, like and trust your IT team.

Since 2014, Glenn and his select team of IT experts have been working with small to medium businesses across Australia.

We take a multi-layered, proactive approach that means our clients avoid problems before they happen.

What to expect when you work with us

Practical, real-world solutions
Service that exceeds expectations

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